Real Life Hair Loss (Part 1)

We have many customers and clients who have gone through quite an experience when they have lost their hair.  One of our customers wants to tell their own story, so we have decided to add their heartfelt words over a series of blog posts.  Keep reading for our first installment…

“I feel I need to share my emotions, feeling and anxieties surrounding the reality of living with hair loss.  I started loosing my hair 10 years ago and immediately panic and slight hysteria set in until I was introduced to hair extensions.

I started with hair extensions for a while and then unfortunately I lost more hair.  You find yourself staring at hair adverts, sitting there sobbing and thinking to yourself why me?  I had more hair extensions and I would say comments to my hairdresser such as “If you find one hair, please try and put 20 extensions on it!”.

I then started loosing hair on the top and the back of my head and no hair extensions were going to solve that.  I had a new hurdle in the form of a bald patch.  I found myself whilst in a shop queues standing sideways everytime I queued in case people stared at me…whilst dreaming of the Timotei adverts…”

The next installment in our blog post series will be posted soon so check back for more updates!