Scarves & Accessories

Beautiful Scarves

Here at Inspirations, we also supply a range of beautiful headwear, designed specifically for hair loss wearers.  These scarves make a comfortable, alternative to wigs.

Our scarves are available in beautiful soft fabrics, a variety of colours and unique designs.  There are three basic types available:

Basic Long
This scarf has long ribbons to adjust the size of the scarf and to create volume and effect. The basic Long headscarf can be tied in many different ways to achieve the desired look.

Basic Short

The Basic Short style has short functional ribbons, which are tied at the nape, through a little loop, to ensure the scarf stays in place.  The Basic Short scarf offers an easy wearable solution as the scarf can be tied before you put it on and creates volume at the back of your head.

Basic Easy

Like the Basic Long, this style also has long ribbons to tie around the crown, so that the scarf can be draped and fixed. Ready to put on, the Basic Easy has small tabs to enable the wearer to pre-tie in their preferred design.  Basic Easy scarves are for women who require volume from the long ribbons yet who prefer to tie the scarf before it is in place.

A Selection of Our Stunning Scarves...

Our selection of scarves and headwear is perfect for a comfortable alternative to wigs. The beautiful designs and patterns change twice a year with the seasons, to reflect fashions, seasonal fabrics and trends.

Versatile Hats & Caps

Each season brings some beautiful hat and cap designs, available for a no fuss headwear solution. Take a look at some of the cute designs we have available…