Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic Fibre Sentoo Collection

We are proud to present to you our beautiful Sentoo Collection, an exclusive collection of wigs by top designers with a stunningly superior finish.

This synthetic collection is aimed at those of any age who want a comfortable feel good look wig.  The pieces are made slightly petite to ensure the best fit and are suitable for those with a sensitive scalp.  Hand-tied with an invisible lace front and monofilament base, they have a soft velvety feel and come in a range of beautiful natural colours.

A premium collection of ready made quality synthetic wigs

Flexi-Fibre Sentoo Premium Plus Collection

Expanded on the original Sentoo Collection, we now have a range of extreme quality styled synthetic wigs.  All crafted with “Flexi-Fibre”, a high heat fibre which can be heat styled to a flawless finish.

The Sentoo Premium Plus collection comes in 14 natural shades.  the monofilament construction of the cap has been designed to ensure that it is a snug comfortable fit, with a natural lace front, hand-tied base and excellent ventilation.

Ready to wear wigs with natural texture and movement.

Benefits to Flexi Fibre

  • Looks and feels like real hair
  • Softer than human hair - like touching baby hair!
  • Heat resistant* and can be styled
  • Hand tied base and lace front
  • Blows in the wind like real hair

Aftercare Advice for Sentoo Premium Plus

As the Sentoo Premium Plus Collection is made from “Flexi-Fibre”, we would recommend using the Cyberhair aftercare products to get the best results.

Washing Instructions

Ensure hair is de-tangled and free of knots.

Using warm tepid water, immerse the wig in to the water.  Apply Revitalising Shampoo evenly and gently smooth shampoo through the hair.  Do not agitate the hair.

Rinse off the shampoo with fresh warm water until the shampoo has washed out.  Squeeze excess water from the wig.  Do a second shampoo if necessary.

Apply Detangling Conditioner to the wig, spreading it evenly throughout the wig. Carefully comb through.

Rinse conditioner out using fresh cool water.  For more of an intensive condition, use Intensive Treatment Conditioner.

Place the wig in a towel, wrap up in a parcel and blot any excess water from the wig.  Do not rub!

Once blotted the excess water away, taking care, brush through the hair.  Hair needs to be brushed from ends to roots.

Place on a polyhead or styling block to let the wig dry or blow dry on a gentle low heat.

Spray moisture protection spray on the wig every day to keep moisture in the hair.

Amoré Wigs Collection

The Amoré collection wigs are premier in design and made with an exclusive monofilament two layer design. They are specially handcrafted and weaved to the highest standard.

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