Kind words from existing Inspirations clients

Thank you so much for turning such fear into a comfortable experience. After losing my hair, the hospital suggested that I considered a wig. Having been a hairdresser myself, there was a certain stigma surrounding wigs, however when I came to see you there was an array of white heads with all colours, styles and lengths of wigs. They all looked so natural. After trying many on, I decided to settle on the one you had suggested from the start. You hit the nail on the head and I felt so confident I went straight out for a meal without feeling self-conscious at all. You were friendly, welcoming, compassionate and extremely good at your job! I would certainly recommend you and I wish you every success with your new salon!
Denise Bourne
When I first found out I had cancer I felt total fear. Then when it all sinks in, the next fear is losing your hair. The thought of it was giving me sleepless nights. However, from the first time I even spoke on the phone to Heather from Inspirations I felt comfortable and her voice was very welcoming. We even managed a few laughs on the day she actually had to cut my hair off. After starting chemo, my hair had starting falling out sooner than I had anticipated. I was so shocked and upset that I cried for days. However, Heather was very reassuring and made me feel that it wasn't the end of the world. She also showed me how to wear head scarves, different ways of tying them, and finding one that was suitable. The whole experience of buying a wig was not pressured at all, and I have had some great comments from people not believing it was a wig. Thank you Heather for your kind and caring manner, you made the whole experience more bearable.
Sue Berry
By the time this reaches you I will be in the air on my way to India. This is just to thank you for everything. You have transformed my life and I am indebted to you for it. There are very few people in this world who care so much for others. Your commitment is exceptional. Despite being jet lagged and tired, you took the trouble to come in on the day you got back from the USA to wash my hair system!! You are a lovely person Heather, you have time for everyone and make the other person feel so special. You have made so many people feel happy and I am one of them. Thanks once again. Take care.
Love from Angela and Family
I have been wearing non surgical hair grafts for 29 years and this is the first time I ever felt truly comfortable. It’s so natural, light and like second skin. I have curly hair and have found it impossible over the years to get the look I wanted. Heather’s experience in the industry was recommended to me. We had an in-depth consultation and soon after, I went back to view my new hair. The curl was sorted there and then. I was thrilled that somebody so close to my home could put so much effort and time into perfecting my hair piece in front of me. It seems to me that she has a natural talent in knowing what suited me best. See you soon
Heather, in life I could not have met a nicer person than you, I feel blessed! My husband loves the NEW ME!! He says I look the same as when we first met. Thank you so, so much, you have changed my life. You have a very nice personality and have tremendous patience. I will always think of you wherever I am in the world. Thank you so much.
I lost most of my hair earlier this year due to chemotherapy, something that I found very traumatic. I originally purchased a wig elsewhere, but was never very impressed with it. As a result I approached Heather, of Inspirations. I immediately felt relaxed and welcome. The range of wigs was excellent - they were much more modern than I had seen before, and Heather was able to provide an all-round service in a private and discrete environment. She patiently helped me to select a wig and then cut it to style. When my hair started to grow back, Heather had the experience and expertise to cut and colour my new hair. I feel very grateful to Heather for turning a potentially very traumatic experience into a positive one.
Andrea Starrit
After my hair began to regrow following treatment for breast cancer it was incredibly hard to find a hairdresser whom I was able to put my trust in. For me, it needed to be someone who had seen this scenario before so that I wouldn't have to see their reaction when I removed my wig and it needed to be someone who would be ready with the right response as I didn't know myself how it was going to feel. I knew it would be a difficult enough experience without having to worry about anyone else. I called into Heather's salon and was shown around and I very much liked what I saw, she even has a really good beauty room and I recommend the manicures. The important thing for me was that there was a completely private room and I immediately felt that Heather was the right person to help me over the next hurdle. Heather makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and she is an excellent and experienced hairdresser. It really is just another day at the office for her, but she has so much compassion and understanding. She is also a lot of fun. Heather has seen it all, many times before, whatever your reaction turns out to be and she handles it all perfectly. I am eternally grateful to her and would encourage anyone in the same position to contact her, you won't be sorry if you do! Don't waste time worrying about finding the right hairdresser, Heather is right here waiting to hear from you. Thank you forever Heather.