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Human Hair Wigs

Take a look at the huge variety of human hair wigs including custom made, we at Inspirations can provide for you.

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Custom Made Human Hair

Custom Made, or bespoke, human hair wigs and pieces are increasingly popular for those affected by long-term hair loss. This is due to their superior production and finish, the lasting quality of the base and hair and the undetectable natural look achievable.


There are two different types of base available in different types and grades to suit all individual needs. Human hair can be styled for any occasion as necessary and offers real freedom to the wearer.


All your individual needs are catered for and your requirements will be thoroughly discussed with us to ensure you truly get the right piece, just for you!



The HiTec collection from Ellen Wille's Stimulate offers you the perks of human hair without the commitment to re-styling every morning. Simply change your style with your heated tools and reset when you're ready!


Unique in design, versatile in styling. HiTec Hair is an innovative fibre made of heat friendly synthetic hair. The hair can be thermally reshaped and individually customised. One model – countless possibilities. Discover many inspiring ideas including styling tips in this catalogue! In step with the trends!

Our Human Hair Clients

Human hair wig
Human hair wig before

Aftercare Advice

Place your human hair wig into a bowl containing lukewarm water. Apply T Range Shampoo evenly and gently agitate the hair into lather.  Repeat if required.


Rinse, using tepid water, until all traces of shampoo are removed.  Never rinse under high pressure water spray or tap.

Hand squeeze away excess water and apply T Range conditioner evenly throughout.  Work the conditioner into the hair with your fingers and carefully comb through, paying particular attention to be gentle at the root area.


Rinse out the conditioner using a spray of tepid water.

Blot the excess water using a towel and position the wig onto a suitable sized poly block.  Take great care at this stage to avoid running the teeth of a comb or brush through the knotted roots or foundation as the knots will have absorbed water, expanded and become looser (this condition will revert when the hair becomes dry).


All of our human hair wigs can be set using conventional hair curlers and hood dryers.  Heated rollers will offer a quick but temporary curl.  You can also use straighteners.  We do recommend that you use products to protect hair when you apply heat.

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Should your wig need re-colouring we recommend that you always seek professional advice and this is a service that we offer.


Always comb or brush hair in Skin Tops (Monofilament) and Partings with the greatest of care especially if the hair is tangled.

Longer hair should always be brushed from the ends first and when smoothed out, the brush taken fully through the hair.

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