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Cyber Hair

Cyberhair is built with a unique memory in the hair strands, specific to your design, so when washed you piece will simply revert back to its original style, let the product do the work!


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Cyberhair is a man-made fibre, developed to replicate and improve on human hair for use in wigs and pieces. It feels and looks natural, is very easy to maintain and is extremely durable.

Cyberhair is a new innovation in hair systems developed from scientific technology. Its superior qualities include:

Style Retention - Softness - Body - Lift - Durability

Cyberlite is our fantastic full head Cyberhair system, as with human hair systems all the variables are discussed in depth to ensure you get the perfect piece for you.


Cyberhair pieces are also available offering a bespoke hair piece, which is lightweight, heat resistant and does not require the same level of styling as Human Hair pieces.


The range of colours with Cyberhair knows no bounds and unlike with human hair you can create a graduated or natural root with any piece.


Cyber Hair Clients

Aftercare Advice

Always have a qualified Cyberhair technician (like ourselves) cut your piece.  If your piece is not cut according to Cyberhair procedures, it will not perform as promised.


Never rub Cyberhair dry.  Pat the hair with a friction-free absorbent towel.

Always replenish the Cyberhair’s moisture.


Saturate the hair system with water and conditioner before entering chlorinated water.  Cleanse and condition immediately after you have been swimming.

Always spray Cyberhair with 444 Final Protection before brushing and as a final protection after styling.


Use satin or silk pillowcases and avoid exposure to excessively high temperatures, such as the rush of heat when you open an oven, flames from barbecues and fireplaces.


Your Cyberhair warranty is honoured when you follow the proper care procedures and use the prescribed hair care products.

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