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Hair Volumisers

Volumisers work wonders for ladies who have suffered with hair loss for any number of reasons; whether through radiotherapy, severe shock, extreme stress, genetic thinning, tricholillomania (hair pulling), or scarring as a result of accidents or surgery.


The volumiser system is made from a fine lace meche, which is then shaped and tailored to the individual needs of the wearer. It is a high quality system, being used with either Remy or European hair. This non-surgical solution to female hair loss is natural looking and comfortable and due to the fine meche system; it is breathable.

Unlike conventional methods which apply pressure to the hair and can lead to further hair loss; this integrated volumiser system displaces pressure from individual points. This not only makes it more comfortable to wear, but also prevents damage and future hair thinning.

The volumiser system is suitable for both moderate and extensive female hair loss, restoring hair density and volume. Thanks to the non-intrusive nature of the system, it can be worn throughout the day, 24/7.

Inspirations offers clients a private consultation by appointment and our highly skilled stylists are on hand to fit, customise and style the wig in our own private consultation, fitting and styling areas.


Remember, our stylists are there for you and will work hard to achieve what you desire at this most important and personal stage.

Integrated Super Lace System


Bonded Systems

Bonded systems are specifically aimed at those with very little, or no hair. To create the perfect bond it is ideal to shave the head completely to allow for correct bonding with the scalp.

Most clients who wear a bonded system suffer from very severe androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis or scarring alopecia.

Californian Look for Celeb Style

Perfectly designed for those suffering from light thinning or damage caused by hair extensions, this option creates instant density and volume without the need to cut your own hair.


Held in place by discrete microrings and made from the finest hair. This volumiser is integrated into your existing hair, giving you instant volume. It is worn through the top of the hair, centre parting, or fringe and is totally undetectable; allowing you to carry on with everyday life.


It is durable and can be removed or replaced at our salon every 4 – 6 weeks ensuring you get pampered regularly.

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